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help reduce your energy usage

Anthem Solar and Air Conditioning is not your ordinary solar and AC company. With sister companies – Anthem Heating & Air and Anthem Construction – we have the ability to look at each home or building on an individual basis and to make recommendations based on your specific needs and requirements. We provide an energy evaluation to offer a combination of energy saving conventional equipment along with solar power to achieve an overall better performing, more efficient and often less expensive system.

More than just solar energy systems, Anthem sells and installs efficient air conditioning systems, pool pumps, new windows and more. Additionally, Anthem provides these solutions to help reduce your energy usage


Window Sealing – Poorly fitted or sealed windows may be letting in warm air or allowing your air conditioning to escape. Since 30% of home energy use is for air conditioning and heating, you want to keep it inside. We provide effective solutions to make your current windows more energy efficient.

Attic Sealing and Insulation  similar to unsealed windows, attics can affect the temperature in your home. Creating an efficient barrier with insulation between your ceiling and your attic keeps the inside temperature from escaping into the attic. This reduces the need for continual cooling or heating which has a direct effect on your energy usage and utility bills.

Wireless Thermostat – programming your air conditioning system to only turn on at certain times is the first step in ensuring that you only use it when necessary. Installing a wifi thermostat takes it to the next level; allowing you manage your air conditioning system from wherever you are from your smart phone. Decide to meet friends after work? Use your smartphone to tell your air conditioning not to kick in until later.

LED Lighting – Replacing conventional lighting with LEDs is a significant energy reducing choice. These bulbs use about 75% less energy and also do not draw power when turned off. They last longer, do not contain the highly toxic mercury and are also are also 100% recyclable.


Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, water usage or utility bills, Anthem can help make it happen. Give us a call to schedule a home energy evaluation today.

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