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Systems Maintenance

Why is Solar Systems Maintenance is Important?

Anthem Solar PanelsThe Coachella Valley is an ideal place for solar. Our annual days of full sun exposure create perfect conditions for solar production. With the clear sunny days comes extreme temperatures and dusty winds that can pose a problem for solar systems electrical and mechanical components. With limited maintenance, your solar system will operate at peak performance for many years. A solar system modules and major components are exposed to the elements all year round. With this exposure the modules can become dusty, connections can loosen up and damage to the system may occur. Anthem recommends a minimum of one annual maintenance service in our desert climate. During this service, panels will be cleaned, sagging wires will be re-secured to the racking system, electrical and mechanical connections inspected to ensure they are clean and the complete system will be inspected for possible damage. Many customers like to add additional cleanings throughout the year to their solar systems. This is beneficial to a system, especially after a storm may lay a layer of dust on the panels. A clean panel maximize energy production.

Anthem solar maintenance customers will receive up to 20 years of labor warranty on the new Anthem Solar system. If a system component fails that is covered under the manufacture warranty Anthem mechanical will get the new part from the manufacturer and replace it for free. If a component breaks that is outside of the manufacture warranty Anthem will diagnose the problem, order the part and replace the part for a minimal cost of repair.

Keep System Running Smoothly

Anthem Solar Maintenance customers receive the following benefits.

Receive up to 20 years of labor warranty on the new Anthem Solar System

starAnnual service – $4/panel (20 panel minimum)starAdditional cleaning – $2/panel (20 panel minimum)

Additional cleanings can be scheduled by calling Anthem and scheduling the service with a 3 day window.